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WorkSafe Remedial Massage

WorkSafe Remedial Massage                                                                                                     WorkSafe Remedial Massage - image  on https://www.bodyactivetherapies.com.au

Yusuf Ozenoglu is now registered with WorkSafe Victoria.

You can now receive Remedial Massage Treatment at BodyActive Therapies that can be claimed with WorkSafe Victoria.

Things you need to know

WorkSafe Remedial Massage services can only be applied if your Workcover insurance claim has been approved.

You will need to provide WorkSafe Claim Number, the name of your employer and a referral letter from your Medical practitioner approving Remedial Massage Therapy.


Consultations and Fees

First consultation and treatment (Item Code M600) is 45 minutes.    Fee is $80.     WorkSafe cover $56.75.  There will be a gap fee of $23.25 payable by the client.

Subsequent treatments (Item Code M602) are 30 min in duration.      Fee is $60.      WorkSafe cover $38.21.  There will be a gap fee of $21.75 payable by the client.

A referral from your Medical Practitioner is valid for 10 treatments or a 3 month period.   You will  then need another referral letter form your Medical Pratitioner.

Yusuf Ozenoglu is available at BodyActive every Tuesday and Sunday.


Please call BodyActive on 9427 8848 or email via our Contact page if you are seeking Remedial Massage Therapy as part of your WorkSafe claim.