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What Are Your Nails Telling You?

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What Are Your Nails Telling You?

by Jaime Televska ND.

Our fingernails often cop the raw end of the deal. We use them every day to pick, scratch, dig and pull at things.

We cut them, file them, break them and bite them. For some of us they are works of art, carefully manicured and maintained. For others, they don’t even get a second thought.

However, our fingernails can give us many clues into our overall health and nutritional status.

The following are a few of the key signs that could indicate nutritional deficiencies:

  • Spoon shaped nails – are a sign of low iron or protein levels
  • Clubbing –indicates a lack of circulating oxygen
  • Easily broken nails –suggest a vitamin A, vitamin C or biotin deficiency
  • Horizontal ridges – indicate a zinc deficiency
  • Vertical ridges – are indicative of vitamin B12 or magnesium deficiency[i]
  • An absent lunula (which is the white ½ moon located at the bed of your nail) – suggests low iron levels
  • Thick white lines that sit across the nail – could be a sign of heavy metal toxicity

The colour of your nails is also important to note:

  • White – can indicate low iron stores
  • Pink/ red – may suggest issues with overall nutritional levels
  • Brown/ gray – indicate vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Blue – is suggests a lack of circulating oxygen

So what are your nails telling you about your health?

If you have noticed anything unusual about your nails, speak to your Naturopath today.

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