Melbourne’s Most Comfortable Pregnancy Massage

At BodyActive Therapies we specialise in ante and post-natal treatments. Our professionally trained staff understand the changes and discomforts a woman undergoes during pregnancy. For your comfort and enjoyment we use specially designed support cushions, allowing you to lie face down during the pregnancy massage and giving support to your whole body. Experience total relaxation as you feel your discomforts dissipate completely during the treatment. This style of massage is effective and safe right up until term, bringing comfort and energy back to the mother-to-be while assisting with pregnancy health.

With over 15 years of experience, our Melbourne team offers professional pregnancy massages that are safe and effective. Although pregnancy massages may be something you had not considered, they offer you great relief and can help ease your discomfort. Our team will implement specialised techniques designed to specifically target the areas most affected by this exciting time.

“Having a massage each week was an absolute dream. It helped relax me and helped with the aches that come with pregnancy. Plus being able to lie on my tummy was the best part.”

Joy, 25 yrs.

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Naturopathic Pregnancy Care and Health

Alongside your pregnancy massage, BodyActive offer an hour-long Pregnancy Health & Wellbeing consultation for you with our Naturopath. During the consultation you will be able to discuss any personal health issues as well as diet, herbs, vitamins and other supplements, reading suggestions, exercise and preparing for the birth. There will also be time to discuss any other health concerns you may have.

Everybody is different, so we tailor a well-being plan that is completely suited to you. We collaborate with your GP and create an individual approach to your needs. Whether you require supplements or simply a subtle lifestyle and diet change, our team will provide you with well thought out and researched recommendations.

The consultation time with your Naturopath will allow you to discuss any major or minor concerns you may have about your health while pregnant. Your symptoms may be effectively managed with natural treatments, or a meeting with your GP may be advised. Whatever you need to discuss, our team can guide you in the right direction for effective solutions.

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Naturopathic Fertility Care and Natural Fertility Management

If you are trying to become pregnant and having trouble conceiving, our Naturopaths can provide you with safe and effective treatments to help you towards a successful pregnancy. Our Naturopaths are specifically trained in Natural Fertility Management. They will tailor a plan to suit your individual needs, and offer you herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle advice, reading material and resources to assist you in improving your fertility.

Natural fertility support is also suitable for people undergoing IVF treatment in Melbourne.

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