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Kinesiology in Richmond at BodyActive Therapies

Kinesiology is a holistic modality that can help bring about real and lasting changes by helping you to access your subconscious and bring you back to balance, in body, mind and soul. Our subconscious mind can keep us held in our conditioned patterns of behaviour. We hold on to all kinds of emotions, mostly without knowing, for comfort and familiarity. We fall back to default behaviours and thought patters in times of stress and uncertainty. Our conditioned responses to certain situations can keep us from moving forward. I can help guide you to a new beginning.

The benefits include increased self-awareness, confidence and a general sense of heightened wellbeing.

If you feel stuck in a rut in terms of improving your health, or would simply like to be as healthy as possible, then kinesiology may be for you. It is effective for a range of conditions, from social anxiety to plateaus in terms of fitness goals. At the BodyActive clinic in Richmond, kinesiology is often paired with other therapeutic options to enhance the overall effects- massage, exercise and other services may be recommended to help you reach your goals sooner.

Katie Wong - Call 0402 308 758

Wondering what to expect from a kinesiology appointment? Our kinesiologist Katie Wong uses gentle manual muscle testing to detect unseen imbalances, and targets these through various techniques including simple acupressure point massage, improved nutrition, education and assistance with self correction of old behavior and thinking patterns, and other methods to promote energy and flow. It is a relaxing and non invasive therapy that is suitable for people of all ages.

Sessions are for 1 hour with a fee of $120. Rebates apply with some Private Health Funds.

For more information visit www.radiantaura.com.au or call Katie on 0402 308 758 contact at www.adiantaura.com.au/contact/

Meditation Classes

Meditation is the essential key to living with joy and purpose. It helps you reach a state of focus and calm awareness, so you can easily accept and let go of challenges you face in your daily life. Regular practice develops your ability to remain present and enhance your connection with your own inner wisdom. Katie runs Guided Meditation and soul-inspired sessions on Thursday evenings at BodyActive Therapies. Bookings essential. Classes are for 1 hour at a cost of $20 per session.

Classes are for 1 hour at a cost of $25 per session (casual) or $70 monthly (3 sessions).

For upcoming dates or to reserve your place visit www.radiantaura.com.au/meditation or call Katie on 0402 308 758


Reiki taps into universal life force energy, bringing you a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Gently working through your main chakra energy systems, reiki intelligently clears stagnant energy, heals old wounds and creates significant shifts on all levels. Reiki can help you to feel calmer, have more energy, gain clarity and understand yourself better. Reiki promotes general well-being and activates your body’s own innate ability to heal.

Reiki sessions are for an hour at a cost of $95.

For upcoming dates or to reserve your place visit www.radiantaura.com.au/meditation or call Katie on 0402 308 758
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