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Clinical Nutrition – Nutritionist Richmond

Clinical Nutrition Therapy at BodyActive Richmond

You are what you eat

Food provides us with the energy we need for everyday life, to grow, repair and stay healthy.
An unbalanced diet will lead to weight gain and poor health ranging from low energy to slow recovery from illness. Over time a poor diet causes long term health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. These are the two major health problems in society today.

Everyone of us is different and so are our nutritional needs.
Your Clinical Nutritionist will help you to stay healthy by making sure you are eating the foods and taking the supplements that are right for you.

Paleo. Gluten free. 5:2 Alkaline diet. Low GI diet. The "All too Confusing" diet.
You Clinical Nutritionist will develop for you a Healthy Eating Plan

Healthy Eating is for life, not a dietary fad.

Clinical Nutritional Medicine

Our Naturopaths hold a BSc in Health Science - Naturopathy, Clinic Nutrition
They can assist you in every aspect of Nutritional Medicine including Dietary Advice, Nutritional Programs for Medical Conditions and Nutrition for better Energy, Health and Wellbeing.
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Vitamin and Mineral Therapy
  • Healthy Eating Plans
  • Food Diary
  • Meal Guides
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Food Intollerances
  • Digestive Disorders
  • IBS. Crohns. Coeliac

Eat Well. Live Well. Stay Healthy.

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