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What is the Dorn Method? An interview with Uschi Staedel-Schneider.

I’m here today with Uschi Staedel-Schneider, a well known and highly regarded massage therapist based in Richmond.  I hoped for a good massage the first time I booked a session with her and was more than surprised when I found out what she could do.

As well as a remedial massage therapist, Uschi is a Dorn Therapy practitioner. We don’t hear much about Dorn Therapy so I’m interested to learn more about this mysterious method.

SD: “Uschi, what is this Dorn therapy in a nutshell?”

USS: “I like to describe the Dorn method as the ultimate back pain relief. It’s safe, easy and effective. In more scientific words it is an alignment method of the spine and the joints. If your spine is out of alignment, all forms of treatment can only work as a short-term band-aid. I have personal experience with back pain and know just how debilitating it can be. I’ve been a German champion gymnast and every orthopedic surgeon will tell you that competitive gymnastics, ice-skating or professional ballet can have a negative effect on your spine. Mine reacted with three bulged discs of my lumbar spine which came with constant complimentary back pain from when I was in my twenties. Since using the Dorn method, I live without pain and have no limitations.

SD: “That sounds like a pretty life-changing moment”

USS: “Pain has a very limiting effect on anybody’s life. I know that from many of my clients and of course from my own experience. Living without pain makes a huge difference. Now, I don’t have to worry anymore about lifting things, I can do all sorts of exercises that in the past I wouldn’t have dared to even think about. And in case I have to sit for a long stretch of time, I now have the tools to prevent any negative effects of this.”

SD: “How did you come across the Dorn method?”

USS: “It was actually by chance. I received an email that promoted a workshop in Dorn Spinal Therapy. Once I read the description of it, I immediately knew that this was the missing piece, the one technique that would complement my collection of treatments.

SD: “Tell us a bit about this workshop.”

USS: “It was a true revelation. There were about a dozen of us in the room, all health practitioners and we practiced on each other. After the first exercise, my right hip and leg which had always given me grief seemed to open up as if the circulation started again in this part of my body. I was blown away, there was a cure for my long-term aches and pains and I could help other people in this way too.”

SD: “Who can benefit from this treatment?”

USS: “Pretty much everybody can benefit from Dorn Therapy. Our modern lifestyle, spending too much time chained to desks, a lack of exercise, “screen necks” and “mouse thumbs” get most bodies out of alignment. Headaches, migraines and knee pains are standard symptoms I relieve with my treatments. And in my opinion, Dorn Therapy is the best treatment available for chronic back and joint problems.

SD: “So if Dorn is the clear winner for you, have you given up on other forms of treatment?”

Absolutely not.  I generally use Dorn in combination with other therapies.  For example, I use massage to relax and lengthen tight muscles that contribute to or initiate misalignments.  Myofascial release, trigger point therapy and rehabilitation exercises are other elements I incorporate into my treatments.

SD: “Most therapies come with a “don’t try this at home” warning, but I understand Dorn is different.”

Yes, most of all I aim to give my clients tools that they can use to help themselves. The beauty of the Dorn method is that everybody can learn to do it themselves and that ensures the long-term success of it.”

SD: “What are some other ways Dorn is different?”

USS: ”Compared, for example, to a manipulative treatment like Chiropractic which uses force or cracking, the Dorn method uses a combination of pressure, mobilisation, and movement to facilitate realignment in a more gentle way. With Dorn, the client is not a passive element in the treatment – he or she is an active partner and takes the first step towards self-help!”

SD: “Thank you very much, that was very informative, anything else you’d like to add?”

USS: “The Dorn method is simple, effective and affordable!”

You can learn more about Uschi here.  For more information about Dorn Therapy or to book a Dorn Spinal Therapy Treatment with Uschi please call 9427 8848

Scott Dutton – Out+About Melbourne, June 2018