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Check out our new Lifestyle Stretch Classes!

Soon we’ll be offering a new way to help you with stubborn pains and aches through

tailored Lifestyle Stretch Classes and exercises. It’s a drug free, highly efficient way to counteract our less than ideal lifestyle which can lead for example to headaches, back, knee, shoulder and hip pain and jaw tension.

It took mankind millions of years to stand upright and move freely. Our body in its present

state has been developed for walking and climbing. And what are we doing? We’re sitting and sitting and sitting for about 23 hours a day. 23 hours, really? Yes, even if we’re sleeping most of us are sleeping in a way that mirrors a seated position. Lying in bed with bend knees or sitting on a chair, in a car or in a cinema has the identical effect on our body. That’s how you get to 23 hours of sitting.

Our life has reduced our need for physical movement and the little we do is inadequate.

As a result muscles, tendons and connective tissue lose their flexibility and length which

increases our bodies resistance to movement. This opens the gate to numerous pains and in the long run diseases, like for example arthritis in the joints and spinal disk degeneration.

Some studies state that more than 90% of today’s widespread pain have one cause and

one cause only: Lack of proper movement! This leads to reduced blood circulation and

lack of energy. Don’t worry you can still live the way you want.

Join us for the Lifestyle Stretch Classes to compensate for the harm of our current way of


Lifestyle Stretches have our genetically defined motions at their heart and are designed to

maximise the mobility in the joints and of the spine, stabilise weak muscles and makes

them flexible at the same time while restoring lost feelings for movement.

Improved Muscle Control

Watch out for the announcement of these classes with Uschi Staedel-Schneider, our experienced Body Specialist and Therapist!

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