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Be your own SUPERHERO when it comes to your HEALTH!

For the last ten years, the superhero movie phenomenon has captivated adults and children alike with millions of people every year flocking to the box office to see the latest DC Comic or Marvel film. While spending billions of dollars to watch these films, everyone has thought at one point or another about what super power they would control (anything that is psychic duh), what their costume would look like (red and black with a hint of gold), and whether they would fight for humanity alone or in a team (team for sure). Keeping that in mind, why not take a superhero approach to combat your health?

Think, what would a superhero do?

All of the superhero movies follow a very similar formula. the beginning where for the most part, everything is fine, the middle or complication which the hero has to overcome and finally the resolution that may or may not lead onto another complication to resolve (hence all the sequels). Luckily for you, most health problems follow the same structure. Let’s use the example of poor posture as this is an issue that many people face and one that many seek treatment for.

The Beginning: You work 6-8 hours a day sitting at a desk. You stare at your phone to pass the time between lunch breaks or on the commute to and from work. You come home and sit on the couch, in a slouched position that is comfy. You then fall asleep only to wake up with a stiff neck. This goes on for several months before you start to notice the constant niggles and pain that won't go away. You go to your exercise class after work because this is a healthy thing to do. But you have to rush to get there and the tram is late again. You hurriedly get changed into your superhero leisure gear but have no time to stretch and warm up. You do your superhero best in class, but unfortunately, the stiff neck won’t go away.

The Middle: The pain has increased, relief is nowhere in sight and you begin to seek out help. You book in for a treatment and while the relief occurs it is only temporary until the pain begins again. This relief could be for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, but you are still working 6-8 hours at a desk, still on your phone, coming home to watch tv and falling asleep.

The End: The place where pain is no longer part of your life. This is the end goal for all sore neck sufferers, yet for some it is unattainable. Frustratingly, just out of reach.

But have no fear…..because BodyActive Therapies is here.

Just as every superhero has a mentor or leader that helps them achieve their potential to unleash their ultimate power, every client that comes to BodyActive Therapies has a therapist with a wealth of knowledge to help you fight and defeat your problems.

The knowledge that the therapists bestow on you might be:

• Educating you on correct ergonomics (how you sit/stand/move at work)

• Stretches you need to perform daily to help loosen tight muscles

• Strengthening exercise with a TheraBand or RockTape to activate muscles

• In house referral to another therapist in the clinic

Your problems will take more than one treatment to fix (just as the heroes fight several smaller battles before the final battle) and can take more than one therapist to treat (just as the heroes formed together to create the Avengers or Justice League). You may find yourself struggling along the way but know that you can always count on us to advise and support you.

Superheroes never give up fighting villains or saving the planet, and when it comes to your health and your body you should never give up either.

Your own personal battles are equal to the Hollywood stars battling monsters every six months on the big screen. We want to help you become the Superhero you are destined to be.

(Insert dramatic BodyActive Therapies theme music here)

By Nicholas Ringin

Remedial Massage Therapist Memb. MMA

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