Nutrition in Richmond

Food is more than fuel

Food is fun.   Food is enjoyment.   Food is pleasure.

Food is the key to health, to strength, to wellness and vitality.

The Gut - Brain Connection

Your mood, your immunity and your energy are all related to how well your gut is working.

Supporting and maintaining a healthy digestive system is as important as good nutrition.

We all need high quality food and a healthy digestive system.

Why BodyActive?

Our Naturopaths are qualified in treating and correcting digestive dysfunctions and metabolic disorders using naturopathic and herbal medicine as well as clinical nutrition.

In other words, our Naturopaths will work to improve your diet and your nutrition at the same time improving your digestive health, your energy, your mood, your immunity and your feeling of wellbeing.


Everyone of us is different and so are our nutritional needs.
Individualised treatment means your Nutritionist can help tailor nutritional advice and supplementation that is best suited to you.  

Nutritional Medicine

Anja Bauer​

Naturopath, Nutritionist

clinical nutrition bodyactive therapies richmond

Kris Jasper​

Naturopath, Nutritionist

Our Naturopaths/Nutritionists, Anja and Kris hold a BSc of Health Science in Naturopathy.

They can assist you in every aspect of Nutritional Medicine including Nutritional Counselling, Dietary Advice, Nutritional Programs for Medical Conditions and Nutrition for better Energy, Health and Wellbeing.

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • Vitamin and Mineral Therapy

  • Healthy Eating Plans

  • Food Diary

  • Meal Guides

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Weight Management

  • Food Intolerances

  • Digestive Disorders

  • IBS. Crohns. Coeliac disease

Eat Well.  Live Well.  Stay Healthy.