Natural Health Programs

Natural Health Programs

Our Naturopath Jaime Talevska now provides Natural Health Programs for people seeking long term management of Allergies, Stress and Detoxification. 

If you suffer from ongoing allergies, need help coping with stress or sleep, or simply want to feel healthier and have more energy, then one of these programs is just what you need! 

For each program a Starter Kit will be mailed out to you. 

These kits contain program information and questionnaires. The questionnaires are to be returned before your initial consultation during which Jaime will discuss with you your goals and objectives and which program length best suits your needs. 

A Natural Health Program is the best way to create and commit to long term, real change. You will be guided and supported by Jaime through the entire process.

Anyone wishing to start a program simply needs to call the clinic on 9427 8848 and we will mail a Starter Kit out to you. Alternatively, you can click here to submit an online enquiry.