Kris Jasper – Naturopath/Nutritionist

Kris Jasper


Kris is a Naturopath and Nutritionist who holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Naturopathy and is a professional member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA).

Kris is passionate about creating a balanced lifestyle which is sustainable and convenient for her clients to achieve their best physical and mental health. She has a special interest in chronic diseases and autoimmune conditions and helping individuals manage these conditions, as well as nutrition through the lifespan.

Her approach as a practitioner is to provide holistic evidence-based care which is individual to the client. This can involve nutritional advice/supplementation, western herbal medicine and/or lifestyle advice.

Kris started her journey to naturopathy through her love of nutrition and healthy eating, by beginning to study nutrition.  However she felt something was missing from her path to assist with treating clients and decided to incorporate western herbal medicine by studying naturopathy. She graduated in 2019 from Southern School of Natural Therapies after 6.5 years of study. 

Her own health was also a factor in the change of direction as she found herbal medicine to be helpful in reducing her own chronic disease presentation and autoimmune condition. Combining dietary changes and western herbal medicine principles created a synergistic combination which was beneficial and created sustainable change for Kris.

These circumstances and life events are what have inspired Kris to want to assist clients with similar conditions and diseases. Through sharing her story with people, she hopes to help clients navigate their health challenges and understand the multifactorial reasons chronic and autoimmune diseases can occur.

                                Kris treats clients with the ethos of promoting wellness whilst treating illness.


Prevention is also at the forefront of her treatment with wanting her clients to maintain a state of health and wellbeing.   

Kris also has an interest in healthy baking and is looking to run healthy baking workshops in the future with BodyActive Therapies. 

Kris is available for consultations on Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon and every alternate Saturday.

Kris also offers phone and video consultations.

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