Hypnobirthing Classes in Melbourne

Hypnobirthing Classes with Clarity at BodyActive Therapies

Birth preparation classes for a calm, positive experience.

The experienced team at Clarity Fearless Childbirth are passionate about equipping you and your partner with the most practical and diverse collection of ante natal skills and knowledge available.

Our aim is for couples to establish their own ideal birth goals, to feel empowered to reach these through their preparation and equally prepared to make different, informed choices on birth day should circumstances change. Ultimately, we would hope that every labour and baby’s birth can be perceived by the parents as having been a positive experience. 

hypnobirthing bodyactive therapies richmond

Our educators have all received foundation training as accredited HypnoBirthing Practitioners by the HypnoBirthing Institute. In addition, we bring to our courses a broad range of personal skills and qualifications and believe in engaging in plenty of ante natal professional development to continue evolving what we offer our clients.

Nicole Pawley - Call 0413 355 844

  • Anxiety and fear elimination

  • Breathing techniques

  • Relaxation and visualisation skills

  • The process of labour

  • Partner support essentials

  • Various massage skills

  • Proactive labour and birth positions

  • Understanding hospital protocols

  • Confident, effective communication

  • Minimising intervention

  • Maximising bonding

hypnobirthing bodyactive therapies richmond

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