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Functional Testing

At BodyActive, our Naturopaths offer a range of Functional Tests to asses your health and well-being.

On-site Tests

pH Test

Simple litmus test for measuring acid-alkalyne balance within the body.

Zinc Tally

Easy taste test to give an indication of Zinc levels

Heavy Metal Test

5 minute screening test using 2 ml of saliva to give an indication of Heavy Metal Toxicity.

Food Detective – Food Allergy Test Kit

A small drop of blood is used to teat and identify for sensitivities to 59 common foods. Test takes approximatlty 45 minutes. There is a cost charge of $160 for the Test Kit plus a Consultation Fee.

Off -site Tests

These Test Kits are supplied by Aquarian Laboratories to be done by the patient at home. The kits are easy to use and come with complete instructions. Collection sample will be either saliva urine or hair. The kits contain collection vials and a prepaid envelope for returning to Aquarian Laboratories.

There is a payment form inside each kit for the patient to pay Aquarian Laboratories directly. The costs of the Test Kits vary form $75 to $120 depending upon which kit is required.

Test Kits available are:
  • Body Toxicity & Mineral
  • Coeliac and Candida
  • Comprehensive Hormone Profile
  • Food Intolerance
  • Hormone Test Kit – Adrenal
  • Hormone Test Kit – Female
  • Urinary Profile Detox Kit

Your Naturopath with discuss with you which test may be required for your health condition and fully explain the procedure for collection and payment.

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