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Dorn Spinal Therapy Method Melbourne

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Uschi Staedel-Schneider

Remedial Massage Therapist – Dorn Spinal Therapist Memb. AAMT

Uschi Staedel-Schneider is an extremely experienced and versatile remedial massage therapist.

She discovered her passion for massage and body work after a long career as a physical educator.

After arriving in Australia and having her two children, Uschi completed her Integrated Massage Therapy Certificate on 2000 and went on to graduate as a Remedial Massage Therapist in 2004. While practicing for more than 13 years she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her style is both intuitive and responsive. She tailors her treatments to give the best results for her clients individual needs.

Uschi is a specialist in Dorn Spinal Therapy, a gentle and safe form of spinal mobilization that facilitates the realignment of the spine and peripheral joints. The method adds a new dimension to Natural Therapies. Dorn Spinal Therapy increases the long term success rate for spinal and musculoskeletal problems.

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Dorn Spinal Therapy

Dorn Spinal Therapy is a gently, manual method of physical therapy used to correct posture and spinal alignment without manipulation.

Originating in Germany this treatment is used for many kinds of back and joint problems and is very effective in treating headaches.

The technique is applied during motion, meaning that the muscle tension of a resting body can be avoided. Only a small amount of pressure needs to be applied to move the joint into the right position while the moving limb on the opposite side functions as a safety barrier.

To make this method work the client is asked to do specially designed self-help exercises. These are simple and already familiar as they are based on the treatment movements performed by the practitioner, and they ensure the corrective process.

The number of treatments needed depends on the response of the individual. On average three treatments give the needed benefit. An acute problem can sometimes be resolved in one session while chronic pain may need several treatments to achieve a positive outcome.

Uschi is a highly experienced and respected Massage Therapist who specialises in the Dorn Spinal Therapy Method.

She has been a staff member at BodyActive for over 10 years.

To book a Dorn Spinal Therapy Treatment with Uschi Staedel-Schneider please call 9427 8848.
For a demonstration of the Dorn Method, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWO0hgL7ckM
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