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Detox Programs

BodyActive offers a range of Detox Programs to suite your goals and needs.

We have two, four and six week Detox Programs available depending upon your individual needs.

Two Week Programs are designed for people who need to do a simple detox and liver cleanse due to being overindulgent and run down. Four Week Programs are for those who are starting a Weight Loss Program or need a more extensive Detox. Six Week Programs are or people who have a diagnosed digestive disorder such as IBS, or chronic allergic conditions.

During your Initial Consultation your Naturopath will discuss in detail the specifics of each Program and which one is best for you.

Anyone wishing to start a program simply needs to call the clinic on 9427 8848 and we will mail a Starter Kit out to you. Alternatively, you can click here to submit an online enquiry.

Detox Program Starter Pack

A Detox Program Starter Kit is sent to all clients to be returned before the Initial Consultation.
The Starter Kit contains:
  • Information on the importance of Detoxification
  • Questionnaires
  • Sample Weekly Food Plan
  • Blank Weekly Food Plan
  • Detox Reflection Book
  • Goal sheets
Consultations with your Naturopath
Each Program begins with an Initial Consultation of 1 -1.5 hours ($150) comprising:
  • Complete System Review
  • Relevant tests
  • Specific Health Questionnaires
  • Discussion on dietary expectations
  • Discussion on goals and challenges
Follow-up Consultations are up to 30 minutes ($60) and cover:
  • Further testing if required
  • Reflections on challenges and strategies
  • Adjustment to herbal prescriptions and supplements.

A Two Week Detox will require 1 Follow-up consultation. A Four Week Detox 2 to 3 consultations. A Six Week Detox 4 to 5 consultations.

Pathology Tests

Depending upon which Detox Program you are doing and the initial state of your health, some of the following test may be required:
  • Zinc Tally
  • pH Test
  • Candida Test
  • Stool Analysis
  • Heavy Metal Test
  • Liver Function
  • Hormone Test
Practitioner Only Products specific for the detoxification process from Metagenics, MediHerb and Eagle Pharmaceuticals are used in our programs.

Click here to ask a question or request a Starter Kit

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