Corporate Wellness

Are you looking to introduce Corporate Wellness Services to your work place?

Are you interested in creating a healthier workplace environment and healthier, more productive staff?

Many organisations now realise the benefit of offering in-house health and wellness programs for their staff.

Businesses that actively look after the health and well-being of their employees have lower rates of absenteeism, higher rates of productivity
and staff that are generally happier and more devoted to their work.

Our business partner Strategic Wellness Solutions has a range of services for creating a healthier workplace that can be tailored to suite the needs of your business.

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Wellness Programs for a Healthier Workplace

Corporate Health Check    

This is an opportunity to discover the health of your business and define your workplace culture. The culture of your workplace has an impact on the health and wellbeing of your staff and your organisation.

Health & Wellbeing Consultations    

Support your team to better manage their health by providing an opportunity for them to receive both physical and mental health checks with professional, qualified clinical health consultants.   We offer three levels of Health Checks for your staff – Basic, Standard and Optimum.


These engaging and interactive workshops are designed to provide your team with the opportunity to explore ways in which they can take control of all aspects of their life, and get the most out of their work while still achieving their personal goals.

Corporate Massage

corporate wellness bodyactive therapies richmond

Sitting for long periods of time can lead to increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, leg disorders, muscular degeneration and damage to lumbar discs.

On-site Massage Service is a great way to reward desk- bound staff who are sitting all day accumulating neck and shoulder tension.

As well as providing instant relief for neck and shoulder tension, In-house Massage allows for the early detection and treatment of conditions before they become long time injuries.

Massages are done by our fully qualified Remedial Therapists so your staff are in safe and experienced hands.

On-site massage is always appreciated by staff.

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