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Anxiety & Mental Health

Anxiety & Mental Health

Anxiety disorders are common mental health problems that affect many people. Approximately 25% of the population have an anxiety disorder that warrants treatment at some time in their life.

Depression can be a result of life circumstances, reaction to specific incident or related to other chronic health conditions.

As well as feelings of sadness, poor concentration, indecision, social phobias or panic attacks, people often have other symptoms with anxiety or depression such as stomach or muscle pains, loss or change in appetite, sleep disturbances and low energy.

Massage & Myotherapy

The greatest benefit of massage and myotherapy for people with anxiety or depression is in relieving the associated muscular tension especially around the neck and shoulders. While not a permanent solution, many people report feeling more relaxed and having a better night’s sleep after a massage treatment.


By relieving spinal tension and unblocking neural pathways, Osteopathy can be useful for symptoms that occur in the digestive tract or bowel and for improving blood flow to the brain and other parts of the body.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

By treating the body as a whole, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be beneficial in the treatment and management of anxiety and depression in conjunction with other therapies.

Naturopathy & Nutrition

By working to calm and support the nervous system, improve digestion, reduce stomach symptoms as well as helping to improve the quality of your sleep, Naturopathy and Nutrition can play a vital role in the support treatment of anxiety, depression and mental health along with other therapies.